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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steven Hayes on the Fair Tax

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  1. What utter morons. Neither of you guys know anything about Fairtax. Wanna bet?

    Take this test. According to Fairtax fine print, what is the federal tax burden on the city of Mobile Alabama, assuming their wage and pension "expenditure" is 120 million dollars, in a given year. How many millions of dollars would Mobile have to send it, as a fed tax?

    Second part of that same question. According to Fairtax fine print, how is Mobile Alabama supposed to pay that tax.

    Third question. A 60 year old woman working at Walmart develops breast cancer. She earns 12K a year. She gets surgery and chemo and rehab, paid for by Medicare, which pays 170,000 dollars for her total medical care. She also consumes rent, food, cable, phone and other things for a total of 20K, which she pays from savings and borrowing.

    What is her total Fairtax obligation?

    These are both easy questions if you know Fairtax fine print.

    MObile Alabama would owe 23% tax on wage and pension expenditures, according to Fairtax fine print. This is not in dispute, as President Bush Tax Panel exposed the fine print, and Fairtax leaders affirmed these taxes are in their fine print. Therefore, Mobile would owe about 30 million dollars in "wage" and pension expenditure taxes.

    How is Mobile supposed to pay this, according to Fairtax fine print? By raising tax rates "sufficiently"

    As to the woman who develops cancer, it does not matter how much she earns, or who pays for the cancer surgery or chemo. Fairtax fine print -- confirmed by Fairtax leaders -- is on her "consumption" of all goods and services, without exception. Her "consumption" of 190K worth of goods and services means she would be personally liable for over 44K in fed taxes.

    I have offered, for years now, 50,000 dollars if anyone can prove Fairtax is not a goofy fraud. Now you see why.

  2. Chances are I'll never be able to collect the $50,000 even though I'll make you look very foolish with your totally incorrect comments.

    Keep in mind, the FairTax was proposed to replace an income tax system that is now so complicated (73,000+ pages) that no one can understand, which makes compliance impossible. It costs the American taxpayers over $400 billion dollars each year in preparation costs. It punishes success, investment and savings. It favors the very politically connected and wealthy with loopholes and encourages an abundance of lobbyists for all sorts of handouts.

    Why anyone would want to continue under this system is beyond my comprehension.

    The FairTax taxes only new purchases of goods and services. With that in mind, Mobile would have no tax liability for wages and pensions. In fact, they would save on payroll taxes since FICA and medicare are no longer collected under the FairTax.

    As long as insurance premiums are paid and taxed, payments made by insurers on behalf of their insured are not taxable under the FairTax.

    If you're an honest person you are leaving yourself wide open to losing $50,000. Do yourself and the country a favor by going to and learning about the tax.

    1. Buckley - its a legal fucking offer. Sue me!

      Keep in mind, dumb ass, Fairtax has fine print. Too complicated?

      Keep in mind, dumb ass, Fairtax has documents they call "research"

      Keep in mind those "research" papers have massive other taxes -- like taxes on all cancer victims. Like taxes on all wage, pension and capital expenditures, of every city county and state.

      Tell you what Robert Buckley -- go read the fine print yourself.

      Tell you what -- why the fuck don't YOU put up 50K offer that Fairtax is a simple personal retail sales tax with 22 million dollars of research to prove it. Whatever it takes -- you put up 50, I put up 50. Then lets go to court.

      See, dumb ass, I read the fucking fine print.

      See dumb ass, I read the "research" documents.

      See dumb ass, I know what they tax.

      See, dumb ass, I know they have massive other taxes, on top of, in addition to, the retail sales tax.

      See dumb ass, fine print matters.

      No, I wont lose in court, because all those other taxes in the fine print.

      Sadly, no Fairtax hustler will dare take me to court. Have you seen the "details" in my offer? Yeah, I have "details" in my offer, sorta like Fairtax lying bastards have details in theirs.

      Only, my offer is sincere. I really WILL pay 50K for one page of Fairtax research, -- see the details