Bill LuMaye

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sen. Richard Burr on Obama's Budget, Gun Legislation & more!

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  1. I hope Senator Burr knows we are North Carolinians and we are watching, and Senator Hagan also.
    She is coming up for re-election soon. Legal Responsible North Carolina Gun Owners are a sober bunch that vote and this is an issue that is the foundation of our country. The Constitution is important and we don't forget or turn the other cheek on this one. I have seen no "common sense" firearms legislation proposed as of yet. The criminals will not register or turn anything in or abide by any regulations. Everything proposed that I've seen so far is pure lunacy.

  2. Burr has proven he is worthless as a protector of the Constitution and lied when he took his oath of office. Only a fool would believe that these gun control bills will do anything; a smart man would push for severe punishments (Immediate execution) for convicted murderers and other violent criminals instead of life in "hotel" prisons!

  3. He's a fraud and should be removed from office. Hell even kicked out of the state of North Carolina. He took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution not to dismantle amend or neglect it. Grow some balls Burr and do what the people that elected you to do. Stop being a spineless puppet or be prepared to move.