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Monday, April 22, 2013

Rocco Piserchia on Our Rights During an Emergency

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  1. The National Guard always gets activated for large events. They're used as civil support teams for extra security, extra man power, (although not in a law enforcement role) etc..

    Having said that, the so called lock down in Boston was not mandatory,the public was asked to shelter in place. There was no police state and no martial law enacted. Anyone that watched the live coverage could plainly see those people that chose not to stay indoors wandering around outside.

    For those not familiar with SIP,Shelter-in-place requests are generally limited – in time and scope.
    Asking the public to shelter-in-place isn't an unusual request, either – although it is more often used because of a chemical spill or, more recently, at schools during a shooter scare. It’s a way to keep people safe – and out of the way – until the responders can contain the area or eliminate the threat.
    At the time, no one knew if it was just the 19 year old or a terror cell active.
    Rocco Piserchia, you're being a conspiracy theorist and just as bad as the crazy progressives that blamed 9/11 on our government. Bill LuMaye, the caller was correct. This type of nonsense hurts your credibility.