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Monday, November 15, 2010

Durham Councilman talks about Matricula Card

Eugene Brown, Durham City Councilman, on the Matricula issue, doesn't feel the council should be getting involved.

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  1. Bill, if you don't want to drive around on the road with people who don't have a drivers' license and liability insurance then lobby the N.C. General Assembly to allow undocumented immigrants to get drivers' licenses thereby having more insured drivers. You are incorrect that the Supreme Court says that local law enforcement are to spend their time enforcing federal immigration laws. Even if that was true, such a role for our police officers actually undermines public safety because people need to be able to trust the Durham Police so that they will report crimes. That's the bottom line and using resources to detain undocumented immigrants for traffic offenses. That's the high cost and if your concern is having more insurance, let's. However, your point that they are all felons because they fraudulently made IDs to get a job, that's not necessarily true. The employer that looks the other way is much more culpable than the dirt you are throwing on the Durham Police Department. Thank you for discussing these issues but I don't think you are considering the true affect on public safety by not accepting matriculas.