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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly on Global Warming

Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly on the opposing views to Councilmen Jensen on Global Warming and Government Regulations.

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  1. Well, you have people who look to the past and assume nothing in the world changes, and you have innovators that look to the future and where the direction of the country and world are going. I'm betting my money on the innovators.

    Listen, a LOT of money is going into green energy solutions. It's either going to happen here in USA, or it's going to happen in Europe, China and India. Do we really want to be left behind? AGAIN?

    Weatherly talks like a typical career politician - ad hominem attacks, slippery slope arguments, straw man, and speading fear uncertainty and doubt. Just listen to him yammer on - you'd think if we plan for alternative energy we are supporting Osama Bin Laden and killing puppies. Nowwhere do I hear ANYTHING in his arguments based on facts or science. Nowhere do I hear any LEADERSHIP. Just more of the same. I agree with these tea party folks - throw the bums out, ALL of them.