Bill LuMaye

Friday, September 10, 2010

American-Muslim Relations

Local Imam Sameh Asal discusses the current shaky relations in America with Muslims, the Ground Zero Mosque, Pastor Terry Jones, Qur'an Burnings and Bible readings.

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  1. Bill - great show, i appreciate your reporting style. This is positive and educational.

  2. Appreciate the reporting and the opportunity to hear Imam Asal's point of view.

    Iyad Hindi.

  3. That pastor is a "crasy ignorant"

    I pray allah to guide him to the religion of truth which is islam !

  4. Appreciate the imam's contribution and hope both sides learn something from this experience!

  5. Khalifah Aaed:We are ALL Muslims worshipping ONE God-Khaleq not Makhlooq and Qur'an is the final sealed Book for ALL...Salama

  6. This was a beneficial interview and showed the moderate view--and the vast majority view--of the American-Muslim community. Imam Asal is the voice of reason and a bridge builder between Muslims here and Americans from other faith traditions. The interview was well done and I appreciate hearing it.