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Monday, May 6, 2013

Rocco Piserchia on Security Cameras & Privacy in Public

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  1. one point you missed about privacy and cameras is that when you leave a public location observed by recording devices your recorded presence does not leave. In this situation your actions can be catalogued over time and a very detailed story of your private life can be created. The images of your public appearances can all be combined to gleen very detailed information people have every right to keep private. Cameras are a good tool I wish all police forces in the US were required to wear them. The privacy issues stem from amount of images they take and the length of time these images are stored, and who has access to them. If my police department places a camera on a busy street corner to look for crime it is a finite public event being recorded should those images be given to a 3ed party as is often the case the citizens are subjected without their consent to a much different version of the public place they visited. The problem is not the amount of cameras but what is dones with it images they record.