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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rep. LaRoque Accepts Big Checks & Uses for Close Associates

Sarah Ovaska, Investigative Reporter of NC Policy Watch, sits down with Bill on her article on N.C. Rep. Stephen LaRouke receiving large salaries while loaning out federal funds.

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  1. "Let's see now, we have a guy who hates government making a lush salary off lending government money. Makes a loan to his future wife who is then appointed to his board along with his brother. Two board members quit and get loans. He gives loans to his attorney and two of his closest legislator friends. He lends a contractor $2.1 million when there was a $250,000 cap. USDA report says $4 million loaned improperly.

    Nope nothing wrong here. "Just them darn liberals making a fuss."

    Hey BadNeighbor, ('goodneighbor' is LaRoque's blog name) please put me on your baord so I can quit and get some of that money.