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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hunger Strike For Dream Act

Viridiana Martinez, one of the young women involved with the Hunger Strike across from the Legislative Building in downtown Raleigh, comments on her protest, the reactions to the protest, and illegal immigrants in the US.

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  1. DREAM students will not give up. We have been fighting for almost a decade now. We have seen too many of our friends not come back summer after summer. We have seen too many discontinue their education due to their status. I have heard for too long; why bother applying for college you are illegal, you can’t do it. For too long now, politicians, community leaders, and civil rights activists have played with our future. For too long they have not taken us seriously. It stops now, we need the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill.
    I am astounded to see thousands of youth leaders taking up the challenge to better America, while the so called leaders ignore them. The DREAM Act is the first step to fixing our immigration system. Its is irrational to deny the talented youth of America their right to dream. They are smartest, dedicated and determined individuals in the nation.

    These women are already educated, they have their diplomas, they are professionals, yet they are not worthy. Its sad how low this country has fallen, when talented educated kids are being denied an opportunity for a better life. They are as American as you and I. if not more. I can't be we are judging a person by a piece a paper not by their character.