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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Republicans Who Would Replace Price

Republican contenders for US House District 4 seat discuss issues and answer caller's questions prior to the May Primary.

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  1. Francis Xavier Roche thinks people are ignorant and can't see right through him. He thinks that by repeating lies it'll make you believe them. He'd fit right in with the the Boy's Club in DC. Why not, he fit right in with the the Boy's Club on Wall Street.

    He was a VP of a FOREIGN Bank that received 12 BILLION dollars of OUR tax dollars under Tarp. Why because they treated the stock market like a casino and decided to roll the dice on our dime. The same branch he worked for came under investigation for "deficiencies relating to compliance with applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations relating to anti-MONEY LAUNDERING " right around the time when Frankie boy decided to leave NY and move to NC. Money laundering, people! I guess he at least had the good sense to flee from the scene.

    A vote for Francis is a vote for Wall Street not Main Street. Sure his experience will help him in DC. It'll help him WORK the system NOT fix it, just like his pals over at Goldman. Don't blame Francis though. the chips are stacked against him. Having been a male model he can't help but be full of himself. As a single man with no children he's had no one to be responsible for, but himself so he can't help but be selfish. and I'm sure he got into currency trading because he wanted to get involved in public service.

    Francis also pays lip service to the Constitution. He claims he want's "the America defined by the U.S. Constitution" but he supports Communist ideals like a central banking system (Fed Reserve) and a progressive income tax both of which are UNCONSTITUTIONAL?
    But hey, he's good looking and has charisma. Reminds me a lot of someone who got elected in 2008 who showed his true idea of "change" after he got elected. I wonder how long it will take Francis to show his true colors?

    Folks, do your research on this guy before you vote. Don't be fooled by his big talk.

  2. That's great - vilifying a fine upstanding gentleman as Mr. Roche because he worked on Wall Street....guess you are a liberal. I'd prefer to place my bet on a man who understands the economy and knows that our country is spinning out of control at a rapid pace. Do your homework before you point fingers....Frank Roche is the only man we need to represent us in District 4, not some individual who would like to see the demise of the Federal Reserve.

  3. This is a direct reply to the "francisthefarce" post on April 27th:

    First of all, TARP funds were only available to US banks. Therefore, your claim that Societie General received $12B from the US Treasury is hugely erroneous. Feel free to comb through the actual list of banks that received these funds. Maybe I'm missing something here? Could you elaborate on your data and theories?

    Personally, I consider economy and jobs to be at the forefront of national stability so I'm willing to listen to somebody like Frank Roche who has a Masters in economics and 15 years in the banking industry. Shall I assume you have similar credentials?

    Second of all, the Federal Reserve System was established in 1913 and has yet to be found unconsitutional.

    Third of all, when did having children become a pre-requisite for being a good leader? You do realize George Washington (and five other presidents) had no children, right? Could you also elaborate on why you consider good looks and charisma to be a liability and something of which we should be wary? The fact that you even use a former modeling job in your metric is alarming. Have you contacted Sen Scott Brown about your theory?

  4. What a pathetic, desperate personal attack on Frank Roche. This type of juvenile name calling is something expected from an insecure third grader; however, since it appears to be written by an adult, you could argue that there's a good chance the Farce is mentally imbalanced...and Plenty jealous. Have you consulted with your Physician lately?

  5. I have to apologize. You are correct that SG did not receive $12 Billion in TARP money, they got that from the French. What they got from the US taxpayer in the OTHER bailout (AIG) was a measly $4.1 Billion. That makes it much better.

    And the Fed Reserve the two of you and Frank support, attempted to cover it all up and felt the American people did not deserve to know where their money was being spent.

    The passage of the Federal Reserve Act is unconstitutional because 1) the US Constitution prohibited "bills of credit" (i.e., paper notes) and 2) the US Constitution would have to be amended to go off the silver and gold coin standard for money.  The US Constitution, the supreme Law of the Land, can only be amended pursuant to Article V.  The US Constitution cannot be amended by statute. Just because corrupt politicians have done little to remedy this doesn't mean it isn't so.

    Neither of you tried to call me out on the money laundering investigation, I wonder why. Here's a link to that in case you change your mind:

    and the actual contract they refer to in the article.

    AND a PDF of litigation for yet another securities fraud investigation during the same time

    I don't need an Master's in economics to recognize the robbery of the American people by other Wall Street Cronies with far better credentials than Francis (i.e., Geithner, Volker, Sumners Paulson and Bernanke).

    Having children is not a pre-requisite but it certainly helps to understand a huge chunk of your constituents and responsibilities to people other than yourself. Some people in modeling biz are more concerned about how things appear instead of how they really are. I don't need to contact Scott Brown to know this. He gets elected and his first vote was to block a GOP filibuster on a $15 billion jobs bill. He completely snubbed the Tea Party movement that he himself admitted helped him get elected. He's showing his true colors now.

    I did my homework, how about you?

  6. To Farce (when you use your real name on the blog, let me know so I can address you appropriately):
    Your comments about Frank Roche are baseless character slams. Don't support him because he is childless? Don't support him because he worked as a male model decades ago? And then you go as far to accuse him of money laundering?! You might want to look up the definition of libel and be careful what you publish.

    What's hunorous is that you provide a link to a Reuter's article reporting that Societe Generale is increasing its money-laundering monitoring for non-US account holders. This occurred after SG met with the Federal Reserve Bank. But since you feel the Fed is unconsititutional, where does that leave your argument? You can't have your cake and eat it, too (funny how it was France that gave us that quote).

  7. I know the definition of libel. Are you sure you do?
    I have many reasons for not supporting him, some of which I explained at length above.

    Everyday we hear more and more how this economic crisis was brought about by the likes of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and other Wall Street big wigs in the efforts to rob people of every last cent. My idea of change would NOT be to elect another Wall Street type.

    Here's a quote for you "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck." How about electing someone that actually represents the 4th District of NC and not just using it as a pitstop from NY to wherever?

    Oversight has come and still can come from a body governed by the people, and not a corporation of International Bankers with special interests. Your argument takes nothing away from the wrong doing or from the unconstitutionality of the Fed Reserve.

  8. And out of curiosity, Farce, who do you support for NC4?

  9. To Francis-the-fart:
    Obviously, you really have not read Mr. Roches bio, or you would realize he has had the responsibility of caring for family already.

    Me thinks me smells a BJ-bot....QUACK QUACK!

    You accuse Mr. Roche of being a liar? How about this: " I'm not going to run so I'll support my friend, Frank. I'm not going to run. I'm not going to run....." Talk about a LIAR.....
    a B-ackstabbing J-ackal perhaps?

  10. BJ Lawson is the only candidate I who I don't feel is lying to me. He's got my vote.