Bill LuMaye

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The "Missing" 30 Seconds.... (Lawson/Roche Debate)

Yesterday we had BJ Lawson and Frank Roche, contenders for the 4th District NC Congressional seat, in the studio for a brief debate. After a response to a caller from Mr. Lawson we paused our studio recording to go to a break. Mr. Roche started talking before we could cue this traffic segment, so we let him get out his thought and started the music as he was wrapping up. Everything was heard on the air on WPTF which is what we do. Since the posted Blog did not have this comment though, and since we keep a lower quality logger that records all WPTF programming, we are able to post this "Missing" time.

MP3 File


  1. Thanks for posting this. You guys have always been on the up and up and I got a little worried.

  2. Is the complete debate posted somewhere?


  3. Tnanks for posting the missing part. I wish this was on the same page as the originally posted interview, however, so that people will know about it. They are not likely to look here.

    More importantly, I as a voter need to hear Lawson's answers to Roche's points. Does Lawson truly believe that housing a right? Does he believe in abolishing the fed? I would like for your next interview to focus on those issues. Republicans and Libertarians alike need to know where the candidates disagree. Only by knowing where and how they differ, can we arrive at an informed vote.