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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Duke Lacrosse: The Case That Won't Die!

Guest Hosts Rick & Donna Martinez, take-on Durham activist, Victoria Peterson in her support of former Durham Prosecutor, Mike Nifong.

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  1. Victoria Price (the accuser in the Scottsboro case) was still saying in 1976 that she didn't get justice in Scottsboro. A myriad of people still believe Tawana Brawley. Some will still believe Crystal Mangum. Facts mean little when people have already made up their minds (based on their preconceived notions and prejudices).

  2. What a load of BS! You people at Lieblobbers are as hypocritical and delusional as VP! The ONLY truth to be told is that Durham is a cesspool of corruption, Fong, Cooper, the DPD, and the state are ALL guilty of more than simple corruption in the "LAX3 Hoax." A LOT more than this pathetic waste of attention has taken precedent over unsolved MURDERS, human trafficking for sex and organs, drugs, and a plethora of crimes under the RICO statutes, and as the sister of one of the unsolved and ignored murders from 2005, I am personally DISGUSTED that people care more about a bunch of rich little punks that hired prostitutes to "dance" for them, then praise them because they did not have sex because she was too drunk to "perform for them?!"
    Get your priorities straight, and stop this pathetic banter about the whore and her stooges, and try concentrating on the very real and serious FACTS of TREMENDOUS corruption by elected officials, law enforcement, and the ENTIRE judicial system that should be under Federal Investigation and is not.....WHY?!?!
    Rhonda Fleming
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Sister of Allen Jackson Croft Jr
    Murdered May 11, 2005
    Durham, NC

  3. Let me sum up "This Incredible Case That Captivated The Country."
    Nifong used RACE as a means to gain the political position of District Attorney, KNOWING the LAX3 were innocent, and USED this to further his own agenda! To say he was "terribly mistreated & lynched" is absolutely INSANE!
    And the REASON Magnum has not been "heard" from is because she KNOWS there was NO rape, PERIOD! And as for Nifong, his quote of "We're Fucked" is more than enough to hear from him!
    THIS is also WHY there has not been ANY outcry on ANY of the sides for TRUE JUSTICE!
    The LAX team was paid off, as was Nifong, Duke, and the city of Durham by their silence! I truly understand what it is like to BEG for JUSTICE from the state of NC, because my family, friends, and I, have fought 4 years to have a Federal Investigation into my brother's MURDER, and I have been threatened, lied to, and ignored, which has only made me stronger, because we DESERVE answers to a REAL CRIME that HAS been committed, and COVERED UP!
    This ONE case, the "LAX HOAX" has absorbed far too much time, attention, and money, and I am asking for the citizens, and media to HELP my family! I have written THOUSANDS of letters, along with family, and friends to NUMEROUS officials in NC, Washington, and my own officials here in Ohio, and have been passed around like a dog to chase it's own tail!
    So, to ALL of you out there who want to find a podium to grandstand on, then put on your seat belts, and climb on board!
    I can tell you ALL about Easley deleting hundreds of our requests, along with Roy Cooper, the Durham DA, & Sheriff's Office, the DOJ, FBI, Senators all over, and a lot more, then you tell me there isn't MASSIVE CORRUPTION in the NC Legislature?!
    I promised my brother, our mother, and God that I would not be intimidated, and is why I have gone public on so many blogs over the years.
    FORGET about the LAX3, and think of the MURDERS that remain unsolved, including Janet Araboa, and Michelle Young! Who cares to fight for the dead who have NO voices?!
    My family, friends, and I do, and again, if anybody out here reading this does to, PLEASE contact me!
    Rhonda Fleming
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Sister of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
    Murdered May 11, 2005 in Durham

  4. What, no rebuttal?! As I said, and made "crystal" clear, the REAL INJUSTICE has been done to the credibility of our faith in government!
    There has been a multitude of requests made to have the DOJ investigate the TIDAL WAVE of corruption in various offices in Durham, and as I was personally told by a senior staff member in the Criminal Division, that their job is to "Answer to the President" and that citizens complaints "IF" they even reply, are "Done so out of COURTESY?!"
    What sort of country do we live in when a family must FIGHT the GOVERNMENT to tell them just how their loved one died, and what, if anything was done to investigate?!
    Statistics from the Census tells us this:
    In general, guns are most often used in intimate homicide but weapon type varies by relationship. From 1990 to 2005 --

    Over two-thirds of the spouse and ex-spouse victims were killed by guns.
    Boyfriends were more likely to be killed by knives than any other group of intimates.
    Girlfriends were more likely to be killed by force than any other group of intimates.
    Homicides by relationship and weapon type, 1990-2005

    Relationship of
    victim to offender Total Gun Knife Blunt object Force Other weapon
    Husband 100 % 69 % 26 % 2 % 1 % 3 %
    Ex-husband 100 86 10 1 0 3
    Wife 100 68 14 5 10 4
    Ex-wife 100 77 12 3 5 3
    Boyfriend 100 45 47 3 3 3
    Girlfriend 100 56 20 5 14 5
    Source: FBI, Supplementary Homicide Reports, 1976-2005.
    See also Additional information about the data.

    So, for states to grant TOTAL authority to the spouse, and DENY the "Next Of Kin" to know how their child, sibling, et cetera, died is just preposterous!
    Believe it or not, THAT is the LAW, and one I intend on having changed! The spouse has their rights, but so do families, and to give absolute authority to them over a death,(That they are very likely to have COMMITTED) is again, just INSANE!
    Rhonda Fleming
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Same As Above